Suriname is a country of sunshine. Not a day goes by without sun, even in the rainy season. The climate of Suriname can be categorized as a tropical rainforest climate, with a relatively high humidity level of between 75% and 80%.

Due to the cool north-east sea breeze, the capital Paramaribo has an average temperature of 30.8 degrees Celsius (°C) during the day and 22.8 °C at night. In the interior of Suriname, the temperatures are a few degrees lower. For visitors who wonder which accommodations in Paramaribo and in the interior have air conditioning, the Orange Travel website offers this information for each specific accommodation under the “rooms” tab.

There are four seasons: the short rainy season from early December to late January; the short dry season from early February to late April; the great rainy season from late April to mid-August; the great dry season from mid-August to early December. During the rainy season, there is often a huge shower in the afternoon or at night and it is dry for the rest of the day. Sometimes it rains all day.


The time zone in Suriname is GMT-3. The time difference with Suriname and the Netherlands is therefore in winter 4 hours and in the summer 5 hours.