General In the General Travel Conditions (hereinafter referred to as ‘travel conditions’), ‘client’ is understood to mean the natural or legal person who books a trip or tour with Orange Travel N.V. for himself or for a number of persons (hereinafter referred to as ‘tour group’). Under these travel conditions, any client making reservations for himself or for a tour group needs to be of age. In addition, when booking a trip or tour he will have to produce his own valid passport and/or identity card and those of the tour group. The client shall see to it that the obligations involved in these travel conditions are met by all those concerned and the client shall be liable for the consequences of this omission if and when these conditions are not met to the fullest. Travelers are expected to automatically agree that should a co-traveller require urgent medical help and necessary transportation must be provided immediately, the subsequent tour schedule will be altered or adjusted accordingly, even if they will sustain financial damage. The client or person for whom a reservation has been made, may put a third person in his place before the start of the trip, provided that this person fulfils all travel conditions. Orange Travel N.V. shall be notified of the substitution referred to in good time. At his request, the client may have the travel programme altered not later than seven days before departure, provided the changes can be made and the new travel sum is paid for, including the handling charges that go with it. Travel programme On all-inclusive trips, the client is entitled to one (1) sleeping-place per person. The fares published are based on a cabana or cabin, which sleeps several people. Consequently, the client who has paid the fare referred to may, in exceptional cases, have to share the cabana or cabin with several other people. When making reservations, the client shall make a down payment of at least 25% of the cost of the trip for each person (belonging to a tour group); the acknowledgement of a booking by Orange Travel N.V. serves to prove that a travel agreement has been concluded with the client. The balance of the travel sum shall be paid not later than 7 days before the day of departure, not including the day of departure. The itinerary shall be determined by Orange Travel N.V, as indicated in the relevant publications, unless agreed on otherwise in writing. In the event of force majeure, Orange Travel N.V. shall be entitled to change the travel programme at the client’s expense and risk, or cancel the trip or tour. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, including climatic and cultural circumstances, Orange Travel N.V. reserves the right to make appropriate changes to the accommodation, its location or transport by air or water. The duration of the trip is indicated in whole days with the days of departure and arrival being regarded as whole days. The client or tour group shall hold the necessary vaccination papers upon departure and during the trip. Exclusion of Liability Orange Travel N.V. explicitly disclaims any liability in the following cases/circumstances: – for the consequences of allergies developed by the client or tour group or having failed to take the necessary precautions (vaccinations, malaria tablets etc). – for a clients suffering from injuries and / or blemishes inflicted by (poisonous) plants or animals. – for bodily harm inflicted by fellow-travelers or third parties during the trip. – for all personal belongings of the travelers any responsibility for losses consequent on theft, loss and all sorts of damage. – for conclusions that travelers may draw from advertising material, including but not limited to photographs, leaflets, brochures and other information concerning trips or tours published by third parties, unless they are associated with Orange Travel N.V. as travel agents. – for the consequences resulting from the use of material provided by third parties, nor for the absence of an appropriate individual or group travel and accident insurance, whose premium must be borne by the client in any case. – for the consequences that may result from lack of proper communication, transport facilities and medical aid on the spot or on the way to the destination or on the way back.   Cancellation conditions If Orange Travel N.V. acts as an agent of a holiday resort or tour operator, the cancellation conditions of the holiday resort or tour operator in question shall apply first of all. If the cancellation conditions of the holiday resort or the tour operator are not applicable, the cancellation conditions of Orange Travel shall apply. In case of cancellation by the client up to 15 days before departure, excluding the day of departure, a cancellation fee amounting to 25% of the total cost of the trip shall be charged. In case of cancellation by the client between the 14th and 7th days of departure, excluding the day of departure, a cancellation fee amounting to 50% of the total cost of the trip shall be charged. In case of cancellation by the client 6 days or less before departure, excluding the day of departure, a cancellation fee amounting to 100% of the total cost of the trip shall be charged. Orange Travel N.V. shall reserve the right to change published fares at any time. The client shall be notified of the change not later than 3 days before departure. In that case the client shall be entitled to cancel the trip he has booked, if the change or increase in the cost of the trip exceeds 15% of the cost of the trip. Orange Travel N.V. shall reserve the right to cancel the trip or tour any time before time of departure, if the number of travelers falls short of the published minimum number of persons, as well as in any other in reason unforeseeable circumstances affecting the operations of Orange Travel N.V., which is exclusively at the latter’s discretion. In these cases the paid amount for this trip will be restituted.   Final stipulation By signing this form the client declares to be familiar with and agrees to the above-mentioned General Travel Conditions. The client thus also declares no claim can be made based upon not having thoroughly read and/or understood the General Travel Conditions.
    Paramaribo, January 2016  
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