The Surinamese currency is the Surinamese dollar abbreviated SRD.

1 Surinamese dollar (SRD) is equal to 100 cents. Notes are issued in denominations of 100, 50, 20, 10 and 5 SRD. Some downtown shops and restaurants, especially those frequented by foreign visitors, accept US dollars and/or Euros. Foreign currency can be exchanged at the local banks or at one of the many exchange offices, the so-called cambios.

The various banks in Suriname will soon be collaborating in the field of electronic payment options for their customers. The intention is that the company BNETS will provide the electronic payment options for these banks as the central party. Card users will then be able to use most ATM and POS machines without thinking twice. Until then, the different banks all have their own ATMs and POS devices. Below is an overview of BNETS of the current ATM and POS options per bank:


The various banks in Suriname have placed ATMs throughout the country (but especially in the developed coastal area) where you can withdraw money (Surinamese dollars SRD) with your foreign debit/debit card and credit card with the Cirrus, MasterCard and/or Maestro logo. This against the mutual bank exchange rate. See the table above for an overview.

From July 2021, a start has been made on taking over the ATMs of the leading Surinamese Banks by Cashpnt. Cashpnt, identified by the red/grey color, is a service offered by the company BNETS. As of July 2022, all ATMs of the major banks will be replaced by Cashpnt.

Most ATMs have a maximum withdrawal of SRD 5,000 and a maximum of three withdrawals per day.

POS (Point Of Sale) 

With your foreign debit/debit card (with the Cirrus, MasterCard and/or Maestro logo), you can pay at a POS (Point Of Sale) as shown the table above.

The POS (Point Of Sale) are mainly found in shops and restaurants in the developed coastal area. In the interior, the use of POS is very limited.

Credit card

It is very rare that you can pay with your credit card. If the possibility exists (especially at hotels, tour operators and restaurants that are popular with tourists), there are often also bank charges that can be as high as 5%.


Acceptance of crypto currency is very rare. Orange Travel offers options to pay for its services with crypto. Please check with the Orange Travel sales staff.