Orange Travel offers various payment options to its customers. These are:
  • Cash payment
  • Payment by bank
  • POS payments
  • Payment by Credit Card
  Most tour operators (just like Orange Travel) have their price list in Euro. It is therefore most advantageous to pay by bank or cash in Euros. This is followed by cash in SRD or U$D, then pin (pos) in SRD and finally a credit card payment.   Cash payment One of the two most cheapest ways of paying is cash at our offices. Please note: no EURO banknotes larger than EUR 100 are accepted.   Bank Payments One of the two most advantageous ways of paying is by bank. Below are the bank details of Orange Travel. Note: If additional bank costs are charged by the bank, these are fully borne by the customer. If it turns out that the fully agreed amount has not been credited to our account, the difference will still be charged before departure or checking in.

Republic Bank Suriname N.V.
Paramaribo, Suriname
Swiftcode: RBNKSRPA
IBAN SRD 0197313228
IBAN EUR 0197313481
Paramaribo, Suriname

Bank of America
Account number 2290 3930 8017
Beneficiary Bank ID number 026009593 (for transfer of monies from within the U.S.)

In name of: Ernie de Vries

Mailing Address:
3048 SW 141 ST AVE
Miramar FL 33027-3950

POS Payments
POS payments can only be made in SRD. When debiting in SRD, we will use the daily exchange rate of the local cambio’s (exchange offices). Since this sometimes differs considerably from the exchange rate that your and our bank use, it could cost you 10% to 30% more (Orange Travel has no benefit from this, nor can it influence it).

Credit card Payments
All credit card payments are made in U$D. The euro amount is therefore first converted to USD with the current exchange rate.

Furthermore, the banks charge a surcharge for each transaction. The surcharge for VISA and MASTER card is 5% (Orange Travel does not benefit from this, nor can it influences it).

Showing your passport is mandatory with this payment method.

Payment Policy