9 daagse rondreis- Suriname Individual Roundtrip - route Ston Eiland

Get the most out of 9 days Suriname

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  • Upper Surinamese river
  • Bigi Pan (the biggest swamp in Suriname)
  • Idyllic waterfalls and rapids
  • Boat trips through rapids
  • Impressive forest walks
  • Getting acquainted with authentic Maroon culture




  1. Rates & Arrival dates
    Arrival dates: Every Saturday Rate p / p based on 2 persons in 1 double room: € 734 Single room surcharge: € 147
  2. Please bring
    • Good walking shoes
    • Camera & well-charged batteries
    • Towel (for swimming areas)
    • Hat or cap
    • Long pants and (over) shirt with long sleeves
    • Mosquito repellent
    • Raincoat/poncho
    • Toiletries
    • Flashlight
    • Sunscreen
    • Water shoes / water resistant slippers
    • Small travel bag for luggage/ Backpack for jungle walks
    • Waterproof bag for electronics and valuables
    • Swimwear
    • Dry clothes
    • Change SRD/ Euro/ U$D (for alcoholic drinks, extra meals or souvenirs)
    • Fishing gear
    • Passport
    • Binoculars
  1. Day 1 Arrival - Paramaribo

    Transfer by shuttle bus to your guesthouse in the heart of Paramaribo. All overnight stays in Paramaribo are in this guesthouse. When you leave Paramaribo for a multi-day trip, you can safely store part of your luggage here.

    Travel distance: Approx. 50 km/ 60 min.
    Meals: None
    Accommodation: Small wooden guesthouse in colonial style with air conditioning & private bathroom
    Important notes: There is no breakfast space, so you can prepare your own breakfast in the common kitchen. Please notify the reception 1 day in advance if you will be using the kitchen.

  2. Day 2 Paramaribo - Nickerie

    Discover the coastal districts of Suriname. From Paramaribo in a westerly direction – via the Saramacca and Coronie districts – to Nickerie. The inhabitants of each district have retained their authentic culture and economic activity resulting in each district to have their own unique character. In the district of Saramacca (known for its agriculture) you visit the capital Groningen, founded in 1845 by Dutch farmers. You continue your way to the coconut district Coronie, known for the numerous palm trees and some authentic slave houses. The day program ends in New Nickerie, where you will spend the night in a simple but cozy hotel.


    Travel distance: Approx. 250 km / 240 min.

    Walking distance: Less than 1 km

    Meals: B, L & D

    Departure time: Around 9:00 hrs

    Accommodation: Standard double room with air conditioning and private bathroom

    Important notes: on or way to Nickerie we make short stops, where the guide will tell his story about the particular areas (so no long walks)

  3. Day 3 Bigi Pan - Natuur Reservaat Nickerie

    Bigi Pan houses 122 coastal bird species, including the most famous red ibis and Flamingo. By boat, you will discover this huge swamp with rich flora and fauna and you will experience this paradise for bird lovers firsthand. After a very interesting morning, you will start your journey back to Paramaribo, where you will spend 1 night.


    Travel distance: Approx. 250 km / 240 min.

    Meals: B & L (dinner excluded)

    Departure time: Around 9:00 hrs

    Accommodation: Same as day 1

    Important notes: The cruise takes about 45 to 60 minutes

  4. Day 4 Paramaribo-Brownsberg-Afobaka

    Brownsberg nature park (mountaintop 500m), known for its impressive plant- and animal kingdom, has rich biodiversity and offers an overwhelming view of the Brokopondo reservoir. During an interesting hike through the forest, you will pass idyllic waterfalls and stand eye to eye with various exotic animals. At the end of the afternoon, you will travel to Afobaka Resort, a stone’s throw from the dam, where you will stay for 1 night.


    Afobaka is a village in the Brokopondo district that developed when the dam was built in 1961. Today it forms an important transit port for the maroons that live in the villages along the Brokopondo reservoir.

    Travel distance: Approx. 120 km/ 130 min
    Walking distance: Approx. 3 km/ 180 min.
    Meals: B, L & D
    Departure time: Between 6:30 hrs and 6:45hrs
    Accommodation: 2-person room (2x single beds or a double bed) with air conditioning and shared bathroom
    Important notes: The forest walk at Brownsberg, towards Leo fall (one of the nearest waterfalls) has some inequalities and steep parts every now and then. A good psychical condition is required.

  5. Day 5 - 7 Afobaka – Isadou (Marron Cultuur Boven Suriname)

    After an adventurous morning full of optional activities (boat trip on the lake, hikes, fishing, etc) * you will travel through the jungle of the Upper Suriname River.

    In a motorized canoe, you travel deeper into the Upper Suriname area to an island that is transformed into a river resort. You will stay 2 nights at a simple resort called Isadou that is not only popular for its massive water rapids and sandy beaches, but more for its serenity. This resort is unique because its intent is to let the local maroons profit from the growth of tourism in this area.

    The Upper-Suriname area is known for its unique Maroon culture and its untouched Amazon Rainforest. The Maroons, descendants of runaway slaves, have settled in the inaccessible rain forest a long time ago, where they started a new existence.
    By their isolated way of life, they developed a unique culture with strong African influences.

    The next 3 days will be filled with adventurous activities such as intensive forest walks, village walks, boat trips, and spotting caimans by boat!

    You spend the night in a simple lodge with a view over the Jaw Jaw rapids.

    On day 7 you will return to Paramaribo, where you will spend your last night of this trip.

    Travel distance: Approx. 220 km / 120 min.
    Walking distance: Max. 2 km/ 120 min.
    Meals: B, L & D (dinner on day 7 is excluded)
    Departure time: Around 11:00 hrs
    Accommodation: Simple 2-person wooden lodge without air conditioning, without a fan (mosquito net available)
    Important notes Afobaka resort: The cruise on the reservoir (possible on day 4 or 5) is not included in the price (about SRD 500 for a charter boat, so the more guests the cheaper the costs) and bring your own fishing equipment
    Important notes Isadou: Before the hike, we first take the boat to our starting point (within 5 minutes). The jungle/ village walk is on accessible trails (without steeps).


  6. Day 8 Return home

    This is the last day in Suriname to enjoy the pool or buy some souvenirs. In the afternoon an airport shuttle will pick you up for your return flight.

    Travel distance: Approx. 50 km / 60 min.
    Meals: B

  7. Day 9 Arrival

    On this day you arrive at your starting point.

    Program is subject to change

More Info

What makes this tour special

  • Visits to many nature reserves within 9 days
  • In a short amount of time experience the most important parts of Suriname

1: Arrival – Paramaribo
2-3: Nickerie-Bigi Pan
4-5: Afobaka – Brownsberg
5-7: Isadou (Upper Suriname)
8: Return flight
9: Arrival home


The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance.
  • Reservation fee: € 20,- per booking
  • Meet & Greet
  • All nights in cozy guesthouses and jungle lodges
  • Stay in Nickerie and Paramaribo based on bed & breakfast
  • Stay in Isadou based on full board
  • Stay in Afobaka resort based on bed & breakfast
  • Transfer airport – Guesthouse Paramaribo v.v.
  • Transfer by bus and/ or boat (dugout canoe) to Nickerie, Bigi-Pan, Isadou and Afobaka v.v.
  • All mentioned activities in tour description at Bigi-Pan, Brownsberg and Isadou
  • Entrance fees during the mentioned tours
  • International flights
  • Other meals (such as lunch & diner at Afobaka resort)
  • Optional excursions
  • Personal expenses