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Solo Traveler Roundtrip Suriname

Traveling alone is one of the best ways to challenge yourself and get more out of your adventure. This adventurous tour combines the best of Surinamese nature, culture, and history with adventurous activities. 


  • Overnight on the restored Frederiksdorp plantation
  • A cycling adventure
  • Climbing tour to the top of the Fredberg
  • Sleep on the mountaintop
  • Boat trips along rapids
  • Impressive forest walks
  • Upper Suriname area
  • Introduction to the Authentic Maroon Culture*


  1. Take-along list
    • Power bank
    • Good walking boots
    • Towel (for swimming)
    • Hat or cap
    • Long pants and (over) shirt with long sleeves
    • mosquito repellent
    • Raincoat/poncho
    • Toiletries
    • Suntan oil
    • Water shoes / water resistant flip flops
    • Backpack (for during the excursions)
    • Waterproof bag for electronics and securities
    • Swimwear
    • Dry clothes
    • Small money SRD (for alcoholic drinks, souvenirs, personal expenses such as boatrides and optional excursions)
    • Weekend bag (no suitcase)
    • Passport
    • Binoculars
  2. What are the arrival dates?
    Arrival dates: Sunday or Monday (if another day is desired, this can be discussed) Rate p/p based on 1 person
  1. Day 1 Arrival in Paramaribo

    Transfer by shuttle bus to your hostel in the heart of Paramaribo, where you will spend the night. If you leave Paramaribo for a multi-day trip, you can safely store part of your stored luggage here.

    Travel Distance: Approx. 50km
    Meals: None
    Accommodation: simple room with air conditioning, bath & toilet
    Particularities: –

  2. Day 2 Commewijne by Bike

    On this day your adventurous solo trip starts by bike to Frederiksdorp. To reach the destination you will have to cross the Suriname and Commewijne rivers by tent boat (korjaal), using our bike route map

    Frederiksdorp is a former 18th-century coffee and cocoa plantation. During your visit to Frederiksdorp (one of the best plantations in Suriname), you can book various tours such as historical tours, cultural tours, or adventure tours with or without a guide.

    Travel Distance: approx. 14.2 km (bike)
    Meals:  breakfast & dinner
    Departure time: 08.00 hrs
    Accommodation: Frederiksdorp
    Specifics: Check-in is at 1:30 PM and check-out at 11:00 AM. Breakfast is between 08:00 and 10:00 am. When booking tours you can book it on the spot at the reception of Frederiksdorp.

    Tip: Please bring a small change SRD for booking additional excursions and lunch


  3. Dag 3 Commewijne Frederiksdorp - Peperpot

    After breakfast (or later if you prefer) you will travel to the next destination Peperpot, where you will stay the first 2 nights at Boutique Hotel Peperpot. Boutique Hotel Peperpot is one of the most popular accommodations in Suriname because of its authentic architecture. This Boutique Hotel is located on one of the oldest coffee and cocoa plantations along the Suriname River and borders the forest edge of Nature Park Peperpot.

    Travel Distance: approx. 21.1 km
    Meals: Breakfast
    Departure time: Between 9.30 am and 9.45 am
    Accommodation: Standard air-conditioned room in a historic plantation home
    Tip: you can buy lunch at one of the warungs in Commewijne and dinner you can buy at the hotel

  4. Day 4 Commewijne Peperpot

    On this day you can enjoy the surroundings at Peperpot and do some activities.

    The Boutique Hotel Peperpot has a beautiful swimming pool. This swimming pool is located on a spacious tropical terrace with beautiful massage and other wellness facilities. Ask at the front desk for the possibilities In the old coffee shed there is the possibility to do fitness.

    Peperpot Natural Park
    Paths run through part of the nature park where you can cycle and walk. It is also possible to rent a kayak from the hotel and sail through the natural park. This park is a household name among bird watchers and monkey lovers. There are different animals/reptiles here. If you’re lucky you might spot a sloth as well!

    Travel Distance: Approx. 4.3 km
    Walking distance: 3 km/ 180 min.
    Meals: Breakfast
    Particulars: you can buy entrance to Nature Park at the reception


  5. Day 5 Peperpot - Paramaribo

    After closing the hotel bike, you will travel back to Paramaribo by tent boat (korjaal), across the Surinamese river.

    Travel Distance: ca. 6.4 km
    Meals: Breakfast
    Departure time: check-out: 11:00 am
    Accommodation: same as day 1
    Details: crossing the river by boat is not included in the price

  6. Day 6 Fredberg

    Your journey starts by bus from Paramaribo towards the base camp of the Fredberg where you do arrive about 4 hours later after having made a couple of stops. To reach this base camp, which is located ± 24 km northwest of Atjoni, you are driving the last 90 minutes through the almost impenetrable Surinamese jungle. After lunch, at this camp, you can put on your jungle clothes, because it is time to climb to the top of the Fredberg. You do hike, in normal conditions, in about 3 to 4 hours through the pristine jungle to reach the top. The mountain top offers a beautiful view that you can enjoy all evening because this is also where you will stay for the night. You don’t need more than a simple hammock camp to enjoy the sunset and the starry sky in this special place.

    Travel distance: ca. 180 Km (bus)
    Hike: ca. 2 km/ 120 min. (basecamp-Fredberg)
    Meals: lunch & diner
    Departure time: 06.45 uur
    Accommodation: in a hammock on the mountain (mosquito net provided)
    • You must have been in good health for this trip;
    • There is limited water on the Fredberg (no showers);
    • The program may differ in order (the 1st day you stay in the camp and the 2nd day you go to the mountain to spend the night there);
    • Ask permission before taking a picture of the local population;

  7. Day 7 Fredberg

    It is worth getting out of your hammock early for one of the most beautiful sunrises in Suriname.

    Experience from the highest point how the jungle awakens below you. Enjoy the sounds of howler monkeys swinging around as well as colorful birds flying by. A hearty breakfast is provided by the cook so that you can face this day with enough energy. Accompanied by an expert guide, this morning you will search for the rare orange cock-of-the-rocks via the jungle trail on the other side of the mountain.

    The forest hike ends at the base camp, where ice-cold drinks and an extensive lunch are waiting for you. The rest of the afternoon you can enjoy activities around the base camp, such as fishing*, sailing in a dugout canoe, and diving into the water with a Tarzan swing (only at high tide).

    After sunset, you will be heading out to the jungle. Once the sun goes down, the jungle comes to life with a completely new assortment of nocturnal creatures that come out. Visitors often say that experiencing the jungle at night, on a dark trail with only a flashlight, is a different and unforgettable experience.

    The evening will be concluded with a campfire, after which you can relax in a bed (instead of a hammock).‍

    Travel Distance: Approx. km
    Meals: O, L & D
    Accommodation: shared accommodation, bath & toilet. Note: little comfort

  8. Day 8 - 10 Fredberg - Jaw Jaw (marrondorp boven Suriname)

    On this last morning on the Fredberg you can choose to look for monkeys in the area with a guide or you can choose to swim and relax along the water

    After lunch, it is time to pack up and start your journey to Jaw Jaw.

    You travel by bus and motorized canoe further into the jungle via the Upper Suriname River to the special Maroon village of Jaw Jaw where you will spend the coming nights.

    There are many Maroon villages in this area, where the descendants of runaway slaves live. The hospitable people are very proud of their culture and are happy to introduce us to the age-old habits and customs. Due to the isolated life deep in the rainforest, these have remained untouched. In this part of the river, there are impressive rapids and small sandy beaches created at low tide.

    The next 3 days will be filled with adventurous activities such as intensive forest walks, village walks, boat trips, and caiman spotting by boat in the evening!

    Travel Distance: Approx. 200km
    Walking Distance: Approx. 2 km / 120 min. (both the village and forest walk)
    Meals: O, L & D
    Departure time: Between 9.30 am and 10am
    Accommodation: simple lodge for 2 persons (no air conditioning), with private bath & toilet
    Details: The boat trip to Jaw Jaw is approximately 45 minutes at normal water levels. The village walk can sometimes be shorter depending on the interests of the guests. It is also very important to know that the transportation is with a shared taxi and the boat ride is also shared with local people (there will be some stops in between to pick up under passengers).

  9. Day 11 Back home

    In the morning you are free to buy the last souvenirs. In the afternoon you will depart with the airport transfer to the airport for your return flight.

    Travel Distance: Approx. 50 km / 60 min.
    Meals: None

  10. Day 12 Aankomst

    You will arrive at your home port on this day.

    *(Changes in the program are reserved)

General Information

Adventures (and new friends) await. Step out of your comfort zone!

Traveling alone is one of the best ways to challenge yourself and get more out of your adventure. This adventurous tour combines the best of Surinamese nature, culture, and history with adventurous activities. Discover the monumental splendor of Paramaribo and experience the diverse and warm-hearted population. Suriname is a melting pot of Creoles, Hindustanis, Javanese, Chinese, and Indians who live together in harmony, so that does not mean that you will travel alone. You will meet a lot of society along the way!

What makes this tour special

  • Perfect combination between nature & adventure
  • Special encounters with locals
  • Sustainability contribution
  • Sleep on the mountaintop

1: Arrival – Paramaribo
2: Commewijne by Bicycle
3: Commewijne Frederiksdorp – Peperpot
4: Commewijne Peperpot
5: Peperpot – Paramaribo
6-7: Fredberg
8-10: Fredberg – Jaw Jaw (maroon village above Suriname)
11: Trek day
12: Arrival destination


  • Arrival on a Sunday or Monday (other days possible on request)
  • Including airport shuttle transfer
  • Meals as directed
  • Private room but shares bathrooms during the more day trips
  • All excursions are NOT PRIVATE and subject to availability
  • Shared rooms and bathrooms at Fredberg & Jaw Jaw
The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance.
  • Accommodation based on standard rooms
  • Airport transfer vice versa
  • “Transfer to boarding point Fredberg and Jaw Jaw (Fredberg fixed departure days Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday)”
  • Public transport by land and water Jaw Jaw-Paramaribo
  • Including 5 days bicycle rental + 1 bicycle booklet
  • Meals as directed
  • Drinks are only included during meals, except at Frederiksdorp where all drinks are exclusive
  • Excursions as indicated are subject to availability
  • Boat transfers from ParamariboCommewijne (approx. €2 – €5 per crossing)
  • Other transfers
  • Vat (10%)