Fredberg view sunrise

Fredberg 3- en 4-Days tour

DEPART ON: 2, 4, 9, 16, 17, 18 june / 3, 4, 6, 7, 12, 15, 17, 19, 21, 25, 29 JULY/ ON REQUEST

The Fredberg was recently discovered and is located in the heart of the Surinamese tropical rainforest on the Upper Saramacca river area nearby Pikin Saamaka.

Highlights / Activities

  • Climb to the top of the Fredberg
  • Overnight on the mountaintop
  • Impressive (day & evening) forest walks
  • Visit a cave (4 days)
  • Animal spotting including 350 bird species, 8 monkey species, deer, rabbits, sloths, bush pigs, tapirs, frogs, etc


  1. Take along
    • Good walking shoes
    • Extra batteries for camera
    • Fishing gears
    • Trousers
    • Long sleeve shirt
    • Hat or cap
    • Mosquito repelant
    • Raincoat
    • Swimwear
    • Sunscreen
    • Money (for other drinks)
    • Backpack
    • Waterproof bag (for electronics and important papers)
    • Weekend bag
    • Passport
    • Binoculars
  2. Accommodation
    Total occupancy capacity of the resort (maximum number of guests): 37 (Zintete Lodge 22 and Hammock Camp 15) Number of Lodges / rooms: 5 Inside surface of the lodge (L x W in m): Average Lodge ± 16 m² (4x4m) Maximum occupancy per lodge: 2 Air conditioning:  Not available Fan:  Not present Hot water: Not available Wardrobe:  Present Clothes hangers:  Present Towel: Not present Mosquito net: Present (only at Zintete lodge) Balcony / Terrace: Present Power supply 110V: Present (only during the day (solar panels) Socket type:  Not present Sanitary type (communal / private): 8 rooms are complete with preve bath and toilet and 2 rooms have only toilet and there are 3 communal showers. There are also 3 communal toilets. Each room is equipped with a sink and waste bin.
  1. 3-days tour Day 1

    Your journey starts by bus from Paramaribo towards the base camp of the Fredberg where you do arrive about 4 hours later after having made a couple of stops. To reach this base camp, which is located ± 24 km northwest of Atjoni, you are driving the last 90 minutes through the almost impenetrable Surinamese jungle.

    After lunch at this camp you can put on your jungle clothes, because it is time to climb to the top of the Fredberg.

    You do hike, with a normal condition, in about 3 to 4 hours through the pristine jungle to reach the top.

    The mountain top offers a beautiful view that you can enjoy all evening, because this is also where you will stay for the night.

    You don’t need more than a simple hammock camp to enjoy the sunset and the starry sky in this special place.


  2. 3-days tour Day 2

    It is worth getting out of your hammock early for one of the most beautiful sunrises in Suriname.

    Experience from the highest point how the jungle awakens below you. Enjoy the sounds of howler monkeys swinging around as well as colorful birds flying by. A hearty breakfast is provided by the cook, so that you can face this day with enough energy. Accompanied by an expert guide, this morning you will search for the rare orange cock-of-the-rocks via the jungle trail on the other side of the mountain.

    The forest hike ends at the base camp, where ice-cold drinks and an extensive lunch are waiting for you. The rest of the afternoon you can enjoy activities around the base camp, such as fishing*, sailing in a dugout canoe and diving into the water with a tarzan swing (only at high tide).

    After sunset you will be heading out to the jungle. Once the sun goes down, the jungle comes to life with a completely new assortment of nocturnal creatures that come out. Visitors often say that experiencing the jungle at night, on a dark trail with only a flashlight, is a different and unforgettable experience.

    The evening will be concluded with a campfire, after which you can relax in a bed (instead of a hammock).‍

  3. 3-days tour Day 3

    On this last morning on the Fredberg you can choose to look for monkeys in the area with a guide or you can choose to swim and relax along the water.

    After lunch it is time to pack up and start the journey back to Paramaribo.

    ‍ The program is subject to change.

  4. 4-days tour Day 1
  5. 4-daagse Day 2

    Het is de moeite waard om vroeg uit uw hangmat te stappen voor één van de mooiste zonsopkomsten in Suriname. Ervaar vanuit het hoogste punt hoe het oerwoud zich beneden u ontwaakt. Geniet van de geluiden van rond slingerende brulapen en kleurrijke vogels die voorbij vliegen. Er wordt door de kok gezorgd voor een stevig ontbijt, zodat u deze dag weer met genoeg energie tegemoet kan gaan. Vergezeld van een deskundige gids, gaat u vanochtend via het jungle pad aan de andere kant van de berg opzoek naar de zeldzame oranje rotshanen. Tijdens deze boswandeling krijgt u uitleg over de werking van diverse plantensoorten en leert hoe je kunt overleven in de jungle. Het bospad leidt u naar de indrukwekkende grot op de rug van de Fredberg. Vanavond slaapt u volledig back to basic in een hangmat in een zelfgemaakt kampje in de grot.

  6. 4-daagse Dag 3

    Na een spannende nacht in de open natuur is het tijd om nog een klein stuk door de jungle te wandelen richting het basiskamp, waar ijskoude drankjes en een uitgebreide lunch voor u klaar staan. De rest van de middag kunt u activiteiten rondom het basiskamp ondernemen zoals een hengeltje uitgooien*, varen in een korjaal en met een tarzanswing het water in duiken (alleen bij hoogwater).
    Na zonsondergang gaat u weer het oerwoud in. Zodra de zon ondergaat, komt het oerwoud tot leven met een compleet andere groep nachtdieren die tevoorschijn komen. Bezoekers zeggen vaak dat het ’s nachts ervaren van de jungle, op een donker pad met alleen een zaklamp, een andere en onvergetelijke ervaring is.
    De avond wordt afgesloten met een kampvuur, waarna u lekker kunt duiken in een bed (ipv een hangmat).

  7. 4-daagse Dag 4

    Op deze laatste ochtend op de Fredberg kunt u ervoor kiezen om met een gids in de omgeving opzoek te gaan naar apen of u kunt ervoor kiezen om te zwemmen en te relaxen langs het water
    Na de lunch is het tijd om de spullen te pakken en een aanvang te maken met de terugreis naar Paramaribo.

General Information


The Fredberg was recently discovered and is located in the heart of the Surinamese tropical rainforest on the Upper Saramacca river area nearby Pikin Saamaka. This uninhabited area is known for its wildlife, including the rare bird species named the Cock of the Rock. That is why this trip is appealing to adventurers, birdwatchers, nature lovers, and travelers who like to be eye-to-eye with animals.


What makes this tour special

  • Chance of spotting rare bird species called Cock of the Rock
  • Overnight on the mountaintop
  • Overnight in a cave (4 days)


  • It is required to be in a good physical shape
  • There is limited water on the Fredberg (no showers);
  • The program may differ in order (the 1st day you might stay in the camp and the 2nd day you go to the mountain to spend the night)

General information
Transportation Bus
Travel time by bus 3-4 hours
Departure ??
Arrival in Paramaribo ??
Schedule On request (min. 3 participants)

* The departure time depends on the pick-up place and may differ from the indicated time. Please note that a delay of +/- 15 minutes can occur. Your voucher or invoice states your pick-up location and departure time.

**The following applies to the road transfer during the rainy season: The poor condition of the unpaved road results in a long travel time, which may make the journey tiring. Guests with back problems and/or physical limitations should take this into account.

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance.
  • Transfer
  • Guide
  • Accommodation for 2 nights
  • Meals: 2x breakfast, 3x lunch, 2x diner,
  • Drinks (water, coffee and tea)
  • All mentioned activities in the itinerary
  • Fishing rod
  • Other snacks & dranks
  • Other personal expenditure