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Brownsberg, located in the Brokopondo district in the interior of Suriname, is the ideal place if you want to enjoy the entire range of flora and fauna that the Surinamese rainforest has to offer. This is the only day trip that takes you to the real jungle of Suriname. Also check out the multi-day trips Brownsberg – Ston Island or Brownsberg – Afobaka Resort tour


Tropical rainforest with high biodiversity
Adventurous jungle trails (good physical condition required)
Idyllic waterfalls
Animals such as 350 bird species, 8 monkey species, deer, rabbits, sloths, forest pigs, tapirs, frogs etc.

Advice from Insiders

Xiara Orange Travel


Travel Specialist

If you would like to experience the real jungle of Suriname, but do not need a multi-day trip, the Brownsberg day trip is the perfect tour for you. If you want to stay longer, book a 2-day Brownsberg – Ston Island or Brownsberg – Afobaka Resort tour now. You can also easily combine this with other multi-day trips in the Upper Suriname!


Sandwich in the morning
Tea or coffee
Entrance fees
2 bottles of water
Nature conservation costs
Other beverages
VAT 10%

Tour Information

  • Approximately 07:00 departure from Paramaribo
  • Approximately three hours driving to Brownsberg
  • Approximately one and a half hours hiking to the waterfall, round trip
  • Approximately 19:00 return to Paramaribo
  • Transport: by bus
  • Departure time: 07.00hrs
  • Travel time: +/- 3 hours
  • Back in Paramaribo: after 19.00hrs

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Well-charged batteries: So that you can capture every special moment.
  • Closed shoes/ Good hiking boots: Ideal for the hike to the waterfall(s)
  • Hat or cap: So that you can protect your face from the tropical sun.
  • Long pants and long-sleeved shirt: To protect against horseflies, mosquitoes, other insects and irritating plants.
  • Towel: To dry yourself off after the tour
  • Mosquito repellent: To protect you from insect bites during the tour.
  • Raincoat / poncho: For unexpected showers and to stay dry.
  • Water shoes: For when you want to cool down under the waterfall(s), it can be slippery are.
  • Slippers (for after the tour if necessary): So that you can exchange your warm walking shoes for cool slippers.
  • Sunscreen: For protection against the sun.
  • Swimwear (put on under your clothes to stand under the waterfall and change easily)
  • Backpack: For during the walk to put personal items in and possibly your towel or bottle of water
  • Waterproof bag for electronics and valuables: In case you want to keep these items safe.
  • Dry clothes (for after the tour or after standing under the waterfall)
  • SRD change: Handy for small purchases.
  • Passport: Mandatory due to checkpoint on the go!
  • Binoculars/camera: So that you can see and capture every animal well.Tip: Wear light and loose clothing in the dry season: There are extra horseflies in the dry season.
  • Every day from 3 people

General information

Bus trip
We leave from Paramaribo towards Brownsberg located in the Brokopondo district, and after about an hour's drive we make a stop in the open savannas in the interior of Suriname. During this stop you will be treated to a nice cup of coffee or tea and a sandwich. We immediately take the opportunity to give you some information about the flora and fauna of the area. We also make a stop if you want to buy a hot meal on your own or you can bring your own. That last part of the way is quite bumpy. You may occasionally have to get off the bus. so that the driver can drive up more easily.

Walk to the Leo Fall
When you reach the Brownsberg plateau, prepare for a walk to the Leo Fall. During this fairly intensive hike of about an hour you can enjoy all the flora and fauna that the Surinamese jungle has to offer. The guide looks around carefully so that he can spot as much wild life as possible. During the walk he tells fun facts about nature. When you reach the waterfall you can reward yourself with a cool shower. When everyone has enough energy again, you walk back up the mountain.

Lunch on top of the mountain
Once back on top of the mountain, a delicious lunch awaits you, which you will certainly have earned after the walk. When everyone has finished eating, you can still enjoy the beautiful view over the Brokopondo reservoir. At the end of the afternoon we return to Paramaribo.

Unique photo moments
During this tour you can take plenty of beautiful and unique photos. For example, think of a nice photo under the waterfall. Or take a photo at one of the beautiful viewpoints during the walk to the waterfall. Once you are on top of the mountain, it is certainly a must to take a photo with the beautiful view over the Brokopondo reservoir.



Brownsberg daytrip Suriname

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