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Discover the excitement of sport fishing on our Brokopondo Reservoir Fishing Tour! Experience the thrill of catching piranhas and tukoenaris with our guide, while enjoying a breathtaking cruise between majestic tree trunks. An unforgettable adventure awaits you!


Sailing in a professional sport fishing boat (speed boat)
Boat trip on the Van Blommensteinmeer
Catching the Toekoenari/peacock bass

Advice from Insiders

Shanifa - Orange Travel


Travel Specialist

For the real fishing enthusiast, the Brokopondo fishing tour with Orange Travel is an absolute must-do. The overwhelming nature of Suriname blends seamlessly with the action of fishing on the Brokopondo reservoir. What makes it really unforgettable? The inside knowledge of our professional guides. Their know-how adds an extra dimension of excitement and fun to your fishing adventure. Don’t miss it, adventurers!


Non-alcoholic drinks (water & syrup)
Fishing rods
Life jackets
Alcoholic Beverages

Tour Information

  • 04.00 departure within Paramaribo
  • +/- 2 hours drive to the Afobaka slipway (possibly you can stop for a short break/sanitary stop)
  • 00 lunch, this will be consumed on board or on land
  • After lunch (around 1 p.m.) the return journey will begin.

The program is subject to change.

  • Transportation: Bus/ Boat
  • Departure time: 4am*
  • Estimated return: ±5:00 PM < < 6:00 PM
  • Regular departure: On request for a minimum of 3 people

* Departure time depends on the pick-up location and may differ from the stated time. Please note that a delay of +/-15 minutes may occur.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Hat or cap: So you can protect your face from the tropical sun.
  • Good shoes: To protect your feet.
  • Photo camera & well-charged batteries: A camera is indispensable to capture the beautiful surroundings. Make sure the batteries are fully charged so you don’t miss any memorable moments.
  • Raincoat/poncho: For unexpected showers.
  • Mosquito repellent: To protect you from insect bites during the tour.
  • Sunscreen: For protection against the sun.
  • Swimwear: if you want to take a quick swim in the reservoir
  • Dry clothes and a towel
  • Change money SRD: Small money is useful for local purchases, drinks and souvenirs.
  • Waterproof bag for electronics and valuables: In case you want to keep these items safe.
  • Passport: Required due to a checkpoint along the way!
  • Every day from 3 people

General information


The professional sport fishing boat is comfortable and equipped with: 90 HP outboard motor, electric bow motor, fish finder, GPS and a sun hood. On the way to and from the Reservoir we drive on the Highway past Paranam. If necessary, you can stop for a short break. Once on the Afobakaweg we pass several resorts and the village of Brokopondo. In the village of Afobaka we will use the slipway. During this fishing trip we sail from the slipway along the dam and across the lake. The dead treetops protruding above the water and the wide view make the reservoir an impressive environment. An adventurous hour of sailing from the slipway, we will start fishing at a group of islands. Drifting on the electric motor we will attack the Toekoenari from the boat with artificial bait.

The Brokopondo reservoir

The Brokopondo reservoir, previously known as the Prof.dr. ir. W.J. van Blommensteinmeer, is a reservoir in Suriname, located in the Brokopondo district. With an area of 135 thousand hectares, approximately the size of the province of Utrecht, the lake was created by the construction of the Afobakadam in the Suriname River. Fishing competitions are held annually on the lake, for both professional and amateur fishermen. The reservoir is home to beautiful Tukunari and the biting Piranha.



The Surinamese waters are rich in fish. The number of fresh and brackish water fish is estimated at between 300 and 350 species. Not all types of fish are eaten. Some fish have too many bones. Many Creoles prefer not to eat smooth fish without scales. They prefer, for example, the armored mercury (catfish).


Predatory fish

The well-known predatory fish in Suriname, such as the anyumara and the piranha, often arouse fear, although attacks on humans are rare.


Many 'piranas' swim in the Van Blommestein reservoir, a popular spot for anglers, but these piranhas are often released by city anglers because they contain little meat and many bones. The carp-like anyumara, on the other hand, is a popular food fish. The spotted tukunari is also common in the reservoir and is appreciated by inland residents as a tasty fish.


Other nutritious fish species include the pataka, a smaller relative of the anyumara, and the koebi, a silver-colored fish with a length of 35 cm. Snek'fisi are eel-like fish, while rays (spari) are known for their painful, spiky whiptail strikes. A special appearance is the kutai (derived from the English cut eye) or four-eyed fish, which is distinguished by its two-part eyes with which it can see both under and above water.




Fishing tour Brokopondo Reservoir

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