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Ston Island, located on the right bank of the reservoir, offers a stunning view of the distinctive treetops protruding from the water. It’s a perfect spot for canoeing, swimming, fishing, or just relaxing. Additionally, there’s the opportunity to take a boat out onto the reservoir. The tour also includes a visit to Brownsberg, where you can experience the diverse flora and fauna of the Surinamese rainforest, with breathtaking views of the Van Blommesteijn reservoir and the loud roar of monkeys in the vicinity.


Fishing for the largest Tucunari (Peacock bass)
Canoeing on the reservoir
Tropical rainforest with high biodiversity
Adventurous jungle trails (good physical condition required)
Idyllic waterfalls
Unique and stunning viewpoints of the mountain range and reservoir
Animals such as 350 bird species, 8 species of monkeys, deer, rabbits, sloths, wild pigs, tapirs, and frogs

Advice from Insiders

Janice Orange Travel Suriname


Travel Specialist

If you’re looking for a tour that offers both adventure and relaxation, we at Orange Travel would love to take you on our tour to Brownsberg and Ston Island. With this tour, you can also combine other multi-day tours for a seamless journey. This way, you’ll save more time than if you were to return to Paramaribo each time!

Our experienced team is ready to advise you on which trips best suit your interests and schedule.


All entry fees
All meals (1x breakfast, 2x lunch, 1x dinner)
Non-alcoholic beverages
Accommodation for 1 night
Light snack
Other beverages
Kayak and motorboat tour
VAT 10%

Tour Information

Day 1

  • Departure between 06:30 and 06:45 from the city towards Brownsberg
  • Approximately 3 hours drive, with several stops along the way
  • Forest hike to the Leo Waterfall
  • You’ll be back on top of the mountain around lunchtime
  • In the late afternoon, we continue our journey to Ston Island
  • At Ston Island, you can relax and then it’s time for dinner

Day 2

  • Between 06:00 and 06:30, you can enjoy a beautiful sunrise
  • The afternoon is open for your own activities, such as renting a kayak or fishing
  • After lunch, we depart towards Paramaribo
  • We expect to be back in the city around 18:00

*It’s possible that the days are switched, meaning you’ll go to Ston Island on the first day and Brownsberg on the second day.


  • Transportation: By bus
  • Departure Time: 06:30 – 06:45
  • Travel Duration: Approximately 3 hours
  • Return to Paramaribo: Approximately 18:00

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Well-charged batteries: So you can capture every special moment.
  • Close shoes / Good walking shoes: Ideal for the hike to the waterfall(s)
  • Hat or cap: So you can protect your face from the tropical sun.
  • Long pants and long sleeve shirt: To protect against biting flies, mosquitoes, other insects and irritating plants.
  • Towel:To dry yourself after the tour and the resort does not provide towels.
  • Mosquito repellent: To protect you from insect bites during the tour.
  • Raincoat /poncho: For unexpected showers and to stay dry.
  • Water shoes: For when you want to cool off under the waterfall(s), it can be slippery.
  • Slippers (for after the tour if necessary): So you can exchange your warm walking shoes for cool slippers.
  • Sun lotion: For protection against the sun.
  • Swimwear (put on under your clothes to stand under the waterfall and easily change)
  • Backpack: For during the walk to put personal items and possibly your towel or bottle of water
  • Waterproof bag for electronics and valuables: In case you want to keep these items safe.
  • Dry clothes (for after the tour or after standing under the waterfall)
  • Small change SRD: Useful for small purchases.
  • Passport: Required due to checkpoint on the way!
  • Binoculars/ camera: So you can get a good look at and capture every animal.

Tip: Light and loose-fitting clothing during the dry season: There are extra many gadflies in the dry season.



Level of accommodation:  very basic

The resort
Total occupancy capacity of the resort (Maximum number of guests): 88 people

The lodges / rooms

Inside area of the lodge (L x W in m). 3m X 3m

Maximum occupancy capacity per lodge.

In the houses that use Orange standard*, a maximum of 2 people can sleep in a double bed per room.

Air conditioning     Available

Fan               Available

Hot water          Not available

Wardrobe             Not present

Clothes hangers     Not present

Bath towel                 Not present

Mosquito net                 Present

Balcony / Terrace     Available

Power supply 110V   (1x24hours power)

Socket type     EU

Sanitaire type (Central / per room or lodge)  Central bath/toilet


Subject to availability.


General information

Brokopondo Reservoir
The Brokopondo Reservoir was originally named the Prof. W.J. van Blommestein Lake, after its designer. During its construction in 1965, approximately 5,000 Saramaccan villagers were forced to relocate. The reservoir presents a unique sight due to the dead treetops protruding from its waters.

Brownsberg Nature Park is a nature reserve located in the Brokopondo district of Suriname. Here, you'll encounter lush forests, breathtaking waterfalls, and diverse fauna.

Some highlights of Brownsberg include:

  • Natural Splendor: Surrounded by tropical rainforests, Brownsberg boasts unique biodiversity. You can encounter various plants, trees, and bird species during nature walks.
  • Leovallen: One of the most famous waterfalls in the park, Leovallen is a picturesque spot where water cascades down from various levels.
  • Hiking Trails: Explore the various hiking trails and enjoy panoramic views of the Brokopondo Reservoir and the surrounding rainforest.

Ston Island
Ston Island is a peninsula located in the Brokopondo Reservoir. The lodges on Ston Island are simply furnished, with beds equipped with mosquito nets. Here, you can relax and unwind. In the evenings, you can enjoy the beautiful starry sky while relaxing by the campfire. In the morning, you'll be awakened by howler monkeys. At 6:00 a.m., you can witness a beautiful sunrise. The rest of the day can be spent according to your preferences. At Ston Island, you can try your hand at fishing or rent a kayak. It's also possible to take a boat ride on the reservoir.

You as a Visitor Contribute to Sustainable Tourism
By booking this tour, you contribute to:

  • Facilitating research by maintaining the reserve.
  • Employment and tourism education for local communities.
  • Boosting the local economy by purchasing locally sourced food.
  • Directly contributing to the environmental management of the Brownsberg Nature Park.



Brownsberg – Ston Island

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