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The Coesewijne Nature Reserve, in the northwest of Suriname, is popular with adventurers looking for kayaking areas with extensive tidal forests, swamps and savannahs. The Orange Travel guide will take you in search of giant otters, manatees, capybaras and many other predators. Deep in the Surinamese jungle and completely out of reach of the modern world, you will exert yourself physically during this adventurous Coesewijne kayak tour, but at the same time completely relax mentally.


Stunning flora and fauna
Excellent blend of nature and adventure
Back to Basic

Advice from Insiders

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Travel Specialist

Thanks to the serene environment, there is a good chance of spotting wild animals. Enjoy kayaking at your own pace, exerting yourself physically but at the same time completely relaxing mentally.

Experience the intense combination of nature and adventure, which brings a real feeling of “survival”. This experience is ideal for travelers in good shape and with an adventurous spirit.

Are you that traveler? Then don’t wait any longer and book your tour here.


Overnight stay in tent or hammock
Camping equipment
Non-alcoholic drinks
Other drinks

Tour Information

Day 1

From Paramaribo we travel 2,5 hours by jeep (with the canoes on a trailer) to the point of departure along the uper Coesewijne river. Once in the boat we make our way through the narrow Upper Coesewijne river. If the water level is low we will often have to get out of the boat to pull it over the obstakkels and fallen trees. Late in the afternoon we make our camp and there is nothing nicer than to enjoy the different sounds from the jungle while we have our delicious meal knowing that there is no one in the close surroundings. Just us in the jungle.


Day 2

Today we continue by canoe on the Coesewijne River passing Pakoeli, the place where STINASU had a lodge, and other amazing places.
Here we will also see a lot of beautiful birds like Hawks, weaver birds and different species of Parrots. After lunch we start our last part of our trip and return to Pakoeli where the jeep will be waiting to take us back. We arrive in Paramaribo at the end of the day.


The program is subject to change.

  • Transport: By bus / canoe
  • Travel time 2.5 hours**
  • Departure time 08:00*
  • Back in Paramaribo 7:00 PM

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Extra batteries for camera
  • Covered shoes
  • Water shoe (required)
  • Fishing gear
  • Trousers
  • Long sleeved shirt
  • Flashlight
  • Backpack
  • Waterproof bag for electronics and papers
  • Bathing suit
  • Suntan oil
  • Mosquito repellant
  • Change/ Cash (for alcoholic drinks)
  • Mask 

Level of accommodation: Very primitive; this is a ‘back to basic’ tour

The camp

  • Total occupancy capacity of the resort (Maximum number of guests): 10 people
  • Number of Lodges / Rooms: There are no lodges or rooms. A hammock camp is made in the jungle using… tarpaulins.

The lodges / rooms

  • Inside area of ​​the lodge (L x W in m): None
  • Maximum occupancy capacity per lodge: 1 person per hammock
  • Air conditioning: Not available
  • Fan: Not present
  • Hot water: No showers available
  • Wardrobe: Not present
  • Clothes hangers: Not present
  • Bath towel: Not present
  • Mosquito net: Present
  • Balcony / Terrace: Not available
  • Power supply 110V: Not present
  • Socket type: Not present
  • Type of Sanitary (Central / per room or lodge): Showering takes place in the Coesewijn river and for the sanitary facilities a hole is dug behind a tree.
  • Regular departure: Daily with a minimum of 4 people

General information


During this tour you will go completely back to basics. Leave all the luxury behind you and return to pure nature. You sleep in a hammock camp that you have to build yourself and there are no sanitary facilities. You will also be kayaking intensively, but it will also be very relaxing at the same time. You can also enjoy the beautiful surroundings. This tour is perfect for real adventurers who want to do something different from others.



Coesewijne kayak trip

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