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During the Cultural Markets Tour, you’ll explore some of Paramaribo’s most famous markets with Orange Travel. Each tour is unique, with its own character and attractions. In addition to visiting various markets, you’ll also participate in a bird-singing competition and visit the Paramaribo Zoo.


A visit to a songbird competition
A visit to the Chinese Market
A visit to a flea market
A visit to the Saoena Market (Javanese Market)
A visit to the orchid market
A visit to the Paramaribo Zoo (zoo)

Advice from Insiders

Froukje - Orange Travel


Travel Specialist
Are you also curious about how Surinamese people spend their free Sunday? Then join Orange Travel on the cultural markets tour. During this tour, which only takes place on Sundays, you will visit a lot of different markets in Paramaribo. For example, you can visit the Chinese market, the Javanese market, the flea market and the orchid market. The markets are all very different. The Chinese market, for instance, is somewhat smaller, but people primarily come there to make purchases, whereas the Javanese market is much larger and more atmospheric. During this tour you will learn a lot about the different cultures of Suriname and their customs.


1 bottle of water
Coconut and snack
Other drinks and/ or snacks

Tour Information

  • The tour starts at 07:30hrs
  • If there is a songbird competition going on, visit it first
  • Then you visit the Chinese market
  • After this we go to he Saoena market (Javanese market)
  • After this you drive past the flea market
  • You visit the orchid market
  • And finally, you will visit the Paramaribo Zoo
  • The tour ends around 13.00hrs
  • Transport: By bus
  • Departure time: 07:30hrs
  • Return: 13.00hrs

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Hat or cap: To protect your face from the tropical sun.
  • Good hiking shoes: There will be quite a bit of walking around the markets.
  • Extra camera batteries: So you can take plenty of beautiful photos of the different markets.
  • Raincoat/poncho: In case it unexpectedly rains and to keep you dry.
  • Sunscreen: To protect your skin from the sun.
  • Backpack: To store your personal belongings.
  • Money in SRD: So you can buy something tasty or fun at the markets.


  • Every Sunday from 3 people

General information

Bird Singing Competition
At 07:30, we start the tour. Sometimes, on Sundays in Paramaribo, bird singing competitions are held. If this is the case, we'll visit first. During these competitions, two birds compete against each other. Birds score points for making multiple sounds in a row, and ultimately, one bird wins. There are many different types of songbirds. For some, it's truly a sport, while for others, it's just a hobby.

Chinese Market
We'll continue to the Chinese market, a large market with many different stalls. This market mainly sells vegetables, fruits, and chicken. On Sundays, the Surinamese population comes to this market to do their weekly shopping. After visiting this market, we'll also visit another, smaller Chinese market. Here, delicious Asian snacks are mainly sold.

Sawmill Market
We continue our way to the Sawmill Market, also known as the Javanese market. You'll immediately notice that this market is much more atmospheric than the first market. There is cheerful music and the people are very relaxed. This market sells all kinds of Javanese snacks, as well as many clothes and jewelry.

Orchid Market
Before heading to the orchid market, we'll take a quick drive over the flea market. Then we'll continue. At the orchid market, many Surinamese decorative plants and, of course, orchids are sold. It's a completely different market than the previous ones.

Paramaribo Zoo
Finally, we'll visit the Paramaribo Zoo. Here, you can see various animals native to Suriname up close. It's the perfect conclusion to the Cultural Market Tour.



Cultural Market Suriname

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