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Bigi Pan, which means ‘Great Lake’, is an area formed from creeks, mangroves, wet and dry swamps. This area is a rich food source for a large number of bird species (about 120 species) that come to winter here from the cold north. In addition to birds, the area is also rich in fish and reptiles. You will stay at Mantje’s Lodge, a cozy accommodation in the middle of the lake. Adventurous excursions to explore the area start from here.


Bird watching
Spotting caimans
Spotting snakes
Mud bath (At the right tide)

Advice from Insiders

Janice Orange Travel Suriname


Travel Specialist

The Bigi Pan tour is an absolute must for nature lovers and bird watchers! Expect beautiful sunsets, encounters with an array of exotic birds and a chance to experience the serene beauty of Suriname. This tour offers an unforgettable mix of relaxation and excitement amid breathtaking natural landscapes. If you visit Suriname, a visit to Bigi Pan should not be missed.

Perfect for bird lovers looking for an unforgettable experience!


Meals: 1x dinner, 1x breakfast, 1x lunch
Non-alcoholic beverages
Transfer from Paramaribo to Mantje and vice versa
Lunch on day 1
Alcoholic beverages

Tour Information

Day 1

  • At approximately 2 p.m. you will leave from the Mantje jetty towards the accommodation
  • It is about an hour’s boat ride to the lodge, depending on the water level
  • You can spend the afternoon according to your own wishes. There are various activities in which you can participate

Day 2

  • After lunch around 1 p.m. you will leave back to the jetty
  • You will be back at the jetty around 2 p.m.

Transport: By boat

Departure Time: around 14:00 hours from the pier

Travel Time: +/- 1 hour

Return to the pier: Around 14:00 hours

Frequently Asked Questions

Power bank or well-charged batteries:

There is limited power available at the lodge, often only in the evenings.


There are no towels available at the lodge.

Hat or cap:

To protect your face from the tropical sun.

Long trousers and (over) shirt with long sleeves:

Handy for boat trips in the evening, so that you are protected against insects.

Mosquito repellent:

To protect you from insect bites.

Reading material:

You can relax at the lodge and a good book is perfect for this.


For unexpected rain showers and to keep you dry.


Make sure you have all the essentials with you.


This comes in handy when you spot caimans and snakes in the evening.

Suntan lotion:

To protect your skin from the sun.

Water shoes/water resistant slippers:

For when you want to go into the mud bath (only possible at high tide).


For during excursions.

Waterproof bag for electronics and valuables:

Just in case you want to keep these items safe.


For when you want to go into the mud bath (only possible at high tide).

Dry clothes:

It is always useful to have an extra set of drying clothes with you.

Small change SRD (for alcoholic drinks and souvenirs):

You cannot buy this at the lodge itself, but you can buy it along the way.

Fishing gear:

For when you want to cast a fishing line.


Mandatory due to checkpoint on the way.

Binoculars/photo camera:

So that you can view all the animals extra closely and capture them properly.

  • Accommodation level: Very basic 
  • Total lodge capacity (maximum number of guests): 40 (including day guests) 
  • Number of Lodges/Rooms: 9 
  • Room Types: Double room or Twin room 
  • Air Conditioning: Not available 
  • Ceiling Fan: Not available 
  • Hot Water: Not available 
  • Wardrobe/Closet: Not available 
  • Clothes Hangers: Not available 
  • Bath Towel: Not available 
  • Mosquito Net: Available 
  • Balcony/Terrace: Available 
  • Power Supply 110V: Available from 18:30 to 22:00 only for lighting 
  • Electrical Outlets: Not available 
  • Sanitary Facilities (Central): The toilet and bathroom are centrally located.


  • Every day from 2 persons

General information


Transport for this tour is not included. Orange Travel can arrange a taxi for €65, - per person. This taxi will take you from Paramaribo to Nickerie and bring you back to Paramaribo the next day.


During your stay at Mantje, you can participate in various activities. You can tailor your stay to your own preferences and make it as active as you want. Below are the activities available:

Bird Watching 

This excursion usually takes place in the late afternoon when the guide takes you to the resting place of the Scarlet Ibis and herons. Here, you can admire various bird species that gather from different locations to spend the night. *The number and type of bird species in the area depend heavily on the season.

Caiman and Snake Spotting 

During this exciting evening boat tour, the guide takes you into the channel to search for caimans and snakes. Armed with a flashlight and rope, the guide provides an unforgettable tour.

Sightseeing Boat Tour 

A fun boat trip on the Bigi Pan Lake, where the guide takes you to various feeding and hunting grounds of the birds, where they can also be spotted.

Mud Bath 

At the right tide, the guide takes you to the Atlantic Ocean to enjoy a mud bath.


At the right tide, you will set out fishing nets with the guide to experience the local way of fishing. You can also try your luck with a fishing rod from your own balcony.


You can go kayaking on your own. The kayaks are available at all times to explore the lake.



Mantje’s lodge Bigi Pan

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