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    Kumalu Dream Island 3- and 4-days tour

    Deep in the Amazon jungle, in the middle of the traditional Saramaccan area, lies Kumalu Island. Travelers looking for adventure can indulge themselves with activities such as mountain hiking, animal spotting, and swimming in Grandan Rapids.

    District tour Bigi Pan

    BOOK THE MOST VERSATILE TOUR TO NICKERIE & BIGI PAN SURINAME HERE! A journey through 4 coastal districts full of history, culture, and nature culminating in Bigi Pan (known for its: many birds, fishing, and adventurous boat trips)

      Knini Paati River Resort

      BOOK HERE FOR THE MOST VERSATILE & COMFORTABLE TOUR OF UPPER SURINAME. A journey is full of adventure, nature, comfort, and a particular meeting with the authentic Maroon population. Features: cultural experience, forest walks, boat trips, and friendly staff.

        Kabalebo Nature Resort

        The most adventurous and comfortable tour of Suriname is the Kabalebo tour. It is characterized by: spotting many animals, small groups, comfortable lodges and professional & friendly staff.

          Paradise Island

          Paradise Island Suriname is the destination par excellence if you are a lover of nature, adventure, and boat trips. Everything from a fishing expedition to an impressive kayak trip* to surrounding islands.

            Danpaati River Lodge

            Danpaati River Lodge: well organized, comfortable stay and yet deep in the jungle of Suriname. Book your journey now and let our experienced guide take you to authentic Marron villages and beautiful rapids on the above Suriname River.

              Cultural Maroon Trekking

              Book the most versatile trek through the impressive Maroon region on Upper Suriname here! Wonderful expeditions full of culture, adventure and nature where getting to know the Maroon culture is central.

                Brownsberg Afobaka Suriname

                Book your trip now and experience the beautiful rainforest on the Brownsberg. Book the most complete trip, fast and easy on the Orange Travel website. All our trips to Brownsberg and Brownsberg in combination with the comfortable Afobaka Resort have…

                  Blanche Marie Waterfalls

                  The Blanche Marie 4-day tour is one of the most adventurous tours to the largest waterfalls in Suriname. It is a "must do" for those who travel to the West Suriname area.

                    Bigi Pan Eco Lodge

                    An adventurous trip to Bigi Pan is characterized by the many birds, small groups and impressive boat trips. Orange Travel offers versatile trips to Bigi Pan Suriname. This one is to Stephanie's Eco Lodge (simple but mostly cozy).


                      Awarradam is located in the beautiful interior of Suriname. This trip in Suriname takes you to the Gran Rio area, where you get to know the Maroon community and find relaxation in the natural and water-rich environment of Awarradam.

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