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Join Orange Travel to the beautiful Parabello resort and enjoy a day full of adventure and activities. During this tour you will cruise on an ATV through the Surinamese savannah, zip between the trees and above the water, learn to shoot a bow and arrow, swing like Tarzan on the Tarzan swing and completely relax while SUP-boarding


Crossing through the savannah on an ATV
Tarzan swing
Ziplining (optional)
Shooting a bow and arrow

Advice from Insiders

Froukje - Orange Travel


Travel Specialist

If you are looking for an unforgettable adventure in the beautiful nature of Suriname, then the ATV & cable car tour with Orange Travel the perfect choice for you. Prepare for a day full of excitement and activities amidst breathtaking scenery and professional guidance.


Activities: Quad biking, Tarzan swing, bow and arrow shooting, SUP and Cable car
Non-alcoholic drinks
Other beverages
Ziplining (optional + €15,-)

Tour Information

  • 08:30 AM: Pick-up at ‘t Vat
  • Approximately 1-hour drive to Parabello
  • 60 to 90 minutes of quad riding
  • (Optional) Approximately 60 minutes of ziplining
  • Around 12:00 PM, enjoy a delicious lunch
  • After lunch: archery, Tarzan swing, and stand-up paddleboarding
  • Between 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM, you’ll be back in Paramaribo
  • Please Note: Due to weather conditions and group size, the order of activities may change.
  • Transport: By bus
  • Departure time: 08.30hrs
  • Back in Paramaribo: 17.00 – 18.00hrs

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Towel: For swimming and paddle boarding.
  • Swimwear: So you can take a cooling dip while quad biking and SUPing.
  • Clothes that can get dirty (extra set): You can get quite dirty during the various activities, so make sure you don’t wear your newest clothes. It is also useful to take an extra set of dry clothes with you.
  • Sunscreen: For protection against the sun.
  • Hat or cap: So you can protect your face from the tropical sun.
  • Mosquito repellent: To protect you from insect bites during the tour.
  • You can bring a hammock: There is plenty of room to hang your hammock, so feel free to bring it with you.
  • Close shoes: For your own safety, it is mandatory to wear closed shoes during the activities.
  • Slippers: For when you want to trade your warm shoes for your cool slippers.
  • Every day from 2 people (16+)

General information

Bus Trip
At 08:30 AM, you will be picked up at 't Vat. After a bus trip of approximately 45 minutes to an hour, you will arrive at the Parabello resort. Here, you will meet the owners of the resort and the day's guides. You will receive instructions on how the day will unfold and you'll need to sign some liability forms.

Quad Riding
You'll be taken by a pick-up truck to the area where the quads are already prepared for you. After putting on a helmet, you'll be instructed on how to start and operate the quad. Under the guidance of a guide, you'll explore the savanna of Suriname. Along the way, you'll stop at one of the creeks for a refreshing swim. After approximately 60 to 90 minutes, you'll return to the starting point and head back to the resort.

Cable Car
You'll be strapped into a harness and then walk to the cable cars. First, you'll receive a brief explanation of how ziplining works. Then, there's a short course where you can practice before starting the real adventure. Once everyone is ready, you'll head to the first zipline and from there, you'll navigate a course between the trees and over the water. The cable cars get higher, longer, steeper, and faster.

Around 12:00 PM, it's time for a break, and you can enjoy a delicious lunch prepared for you. Once everyone finishes eating, we'll continue with the next activities.

Tarzan Swing
Ever wondered what it feels like to be Tarzan? Then you're in the right place at Parabello! You'll be strapped into a harness again and climb up to the platform. Here, a guide will be waiting for you to attach you to the Tarzan swing. Then it's time to jump off the platform. You'll swing between the trees just like Tarzan.

The day wouldn't be complete without learning how to shoot a bow and arrow. One of the guides will first give a demonstration, and then it's your turn to show off your aim. Can you hit the bullseye?

The day concludes with a relaxing session on a stand-up paddleboard. Together with the guides, you'll head out onto the lake. Here, you'll paddle around for a while and occasionally stop so you can fully relax in the middle of the water. It's also possible to take a dip in the refreshing water. And believe us, with the Surinamese temperatures, you'll appreciate it.

Return to Paramaribo
After an active day full of adventure, it's time to return to the city. With a sense of satisfaction, you'll board the bus again, and after about an hour's drive, you'll arrive back at 't Vat. You'll look back on a fantastic day you've experienced together with Orange Travel.

Please Note: The order of activities may vary depending on the weather and the size of the group.



Quad & Zipline adventure

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