Transportation & Flights

There are international airlines that fly to Suriname from their home base. Almost all these international airlines fly to the Johan Adolf Pengel (JAP) International Airport, which is located slightly outside Paramaribo (±45 km).

A much smaller airport is located in the middle of Paramaribo and is called Zorg en Hoop Airport. This airport is suitable for charters and scheduled services with smaller propeller planes (4-20 persons) and for helicopter flights that mainly maintain connections with smaller airports/airstrips in the interior. The most important international line connection from Zorg en Hoop is to the Guyanese capital Georgetown with Gum Air and Trans Guyana Airways.

International airlines flying to Suriname:

SLM ( Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport

KLM ( Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport

American Airlines ( Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport

Copa Airlines ( Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport

Caribbean Airlines ( Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport

Gol ( Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport

TUI fly ( Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport

Trans Guyana Airways ( Zorg en Hoop Airport

Land transportation

In the developed coastal area, the roads are mostly paved. To the south, towards the interior of Suriname, there are mainly unpaved roads where a 4×4 SUV is often needed during the rainy season. In Suriname there is left-hand traffic and road signage is limited. Most digital maps and street-apps do offer a solution.

Transportation in Paramaribo

In the capital, transport is possible by taxi, rental car, bus and bicycle.


Most taxis are affiliated with a registered taxi companies. These taxis can be recognized by the company labeling and have a taxi meter. A typical taxi ride within Paramaribo costs between U$D 3 – U$D 7 (depending on the distance).

TIP: Before the ride starts, ask to put the meter on.

Some well-known taxi companies

Yellow Cap taxi                                  (+597) 1660

Tourtonne Taxi         (+597) 475734/ 425380   

Ulstrel Taxi           (+597) 470646

Airport Shuttle 

It is wise to arrange your airport shuttle before arriving at the Johan Adolf Pengel (JAP) International Airport. The offer of airport shuttles and taxis may be limited at the time of arrival (especially on small regional flights). Many hotels offer an airport shuttle service. Tour operators (including Orange Travel) also offer an airport shuttle service. 

Ashruf                                          (+597) 450102/ 454451/ 458485 / Email:

De Paarl                                       (+597) 43600/ 403610 / Email:

Le Grand Baldew  (+597) 474713/ Email:

Car Rental

Renting cars during a business trip or vacation is becoming increasingly popular. In the past, due to low taxi prices and limited road signage, the demand for rental cars was less. But now with the digital maps, street-apps and affordable rental rates, the car rental industry is becoming a full-fledged one.

At Orange Travel you can rent the best cars. We offer the entire range of cars, from compact (2-door) to 4×4 SUVs, from pick-ups to 8-seater vans. We distinguish ourselves by easy handling and no hidden costs.

Bus transportation

Private Bus

The private exploited buses all depart from the bus terminal in Ondrobon (Dr. Sophie Redmodstraat) in the center of Paramaribo and only depart when the entire bus is full. The cost of a ride is in SRD and varies per route. The price per route is fixed, regardless of the exit point and is roughly between U$D0.50 and U$D1.50. The buses all run according to fixed routes, but this is sometimes deviated from. The routes are indicated by numbers or a combination of letters. In general, the buses with routes within Paramaribo are numbered and those that go outside of Paramaribo have a letter and/or name combination. An exception is the well-known line 7, which also serves Latour.

The drivers are friendly people and generally know which routes goes to which neighborhood or place. Stopping is done by pressing the stop button and the bus stops at the next Chinese, intersection or imaginary stop.